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Where Optimal Health Is The End Result!
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Is Health Coaching Right For You?
Our unique health coaching system is the most effective program getting you the RESULTS you desire permanently… at a PRICE no gym or weight loss center can offer, guaranteed.
EZCOACH Fitness Prescription System
Fitness Center Solutions
Fitness centers that provide coaching and guidance at a tremendous value don’t have to compete with low price competitors. Our web based fitness prescription provides the solution. Here’s why.
Medical / Corporate Wellness
When Patients Win, Everyone Wins!
We know health improvement is the key to lower heath care cost. Patients are empowered when given the direction and education necessary to attain vibrant health. Why is this so important?
Integrity Health Coaching Franchises
Own A Franchise
Too many franchises duplicate other business models. At Integrity Health Coaching Solutions our women only franchise model was built by health professionals. Why is this so important?
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Integrity Health Coaching Centers

Integrity Health LLC is a franchise company located in New Hampshire. They haveseveral corporate coaching centers that combine fitness with weight loss to optimize health and promote lasting health. The corporate facilities in New Hampshire are located at 44 Nashua Road in Londonderry 03053, 25 South River Road in Bedford 03110 and 1857 White Mountain Highway North Conway 03860. All locations are women only and can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.Integrity is also the purveyors of the EZ Coach Fitness Prescription System. The EZ Coach System was researched and developed by Integrity Health Franchises CEO Rocco Boulay, Exercise Physiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Rocco’s passion for exercise and nutrition started back in 1972. He joined the Manchester NH, YMCA and learned the basics of weight training. At the age of 16 he entered his first bodybuilding competition and went on to win over 100 contests and became a 5-time world bench press champion. Rocco later attained his degree in exercise science, fitness and rehabilitation at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. He was nominated 4 consecutive years to the National Dean’s List and also was awarded the Scholar Athlete of the Year in Football.

The EZ Coach Fitness Prescription System technology was researched and developed by Rocco Boulay and Michael J. West since 1998. Integrity Health and all of its EZ Coach licensees employ the system and all of its protocols. EZ Coach provides health club, fitness centers and corporate wellness facilities with programming that assists people to reaching optimal health.Integrity Health also awards franchises to those who are interested in operating their own health coaching franchise and who qualify by Integrity Health’s franchisee qualifying standards. These franchises operate to deliver health coaching and weight loss services to women across the nation.

Integrity Health Solutions corporate / medical solutions provide businesses and large and small with an option to afford their employees the benefits of improving their health. This system is operated within the confines of corporations who have a designated area of floor space to house the wellness center or they have the option to enroll their employees into any of Integrity Health Solutions partners.Their skill and expertise is revolutionary in its concept. With our over 40 years of experience and scientific know how we are the innovators of health coaching and exercise prescription in the fitness and weight loss industries, second to none. The EZ Coach software makes it possible to reduce the cost of training to a fraction of what personal trainers charge making training affordable to everyone. Why is this important?

The growing epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions among American's beg the question, why are so many people struggling with their health?” The answers to these questions became the basis of the Integrity vision: a place where even the most de-conditioned individual can find help, a place where caring coaches listen to their clients, a place where people are encouraged every step of the way, a place where lasting health is achievable.

At Integrity we understand healthy and fit people inspire their friends and family to follow suit—this is part of our vision. Integrity's mission isn’t just to build the most successful health coaching business in the country; first and foremost, we want to help solve the health care crisis, employing the world’s greatest resource, our health and medical experts.There are no quick fixes, fad diets, fancy pills that will accomplish the goal of vibrant health. Health is a course of action that is earned and the responsibility of each individual, not that of a doctor, dietitian, or other professional, they are only a means of education.

If we are to change the state of health in our country then together we must be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to make this goal a reality. We appreciate and acknowledge your contribution toward the betterment of our societies.

Rocco Boulay CEO | Integrity Health LLC

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